Still Not Dead Yet

Why, hello!

What an embarrassment I’ve been to the blogging community. My apologies, folks. This summer went by so fast and was so busy I barely had time for basic bodily functions let alone the time to write about them. So many new developments and more than one intervention took place in the short space of 4 months. There were milestone birthday celebrations, road-trips, brain surgery, weddings…

It was so busy in fact I completely missed my blog’s one-year anniversary. Although admittedly, it’s a little less significant than brain surgery (that one wasn’t mine, btw!)

A new Doctor has been born (and this one’s VERY grumpy)… I love it.

I always had a thing for grumpy old men. Mike says that’ll come in handy one day.

Scotland just voted to stick with the United Kingdom rather than break off in a glorious fit of independence. I don’t know that I blame them. The British are pretty captivating.

My niece just had her 1rst birthday. Today we celebrate my husband’s 45th birthday. I am halfway through the first year of my 30’s, and not only surviving, but thriving, I am very pleased to say 😀

I am not excited that Summer is over, but I am pleased that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back.

That is my Life’s Synopsis at this point. Stay tuned for new developments.


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