The Plot Thickens…

I’m out for blood. Forget the hopeful tone of my last blog post, In Defense of Cheese. Your narrator has been suffering under the weight of profound mindfuckery the last few weeks, and her inner hulk is very, very angry. Without getting into explicit details, I have some personal drama going on in life right […]

Ode to Troy

Those who know me well know I have some very strong sentiments about my hometown. This isn’t even the first time I’ve been compelled to blog about it. Still, I feel my earlier arguments were insufficient to explain the length and breadth of reasons Troy reins supreme. I have traveled to many places, seen many […]

One Year Later

I realize I’ve been silent for longer than usual (my rage has subsided from earlier in January and I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep since my last Data Dump) so I decided I’m long overdue to share some updates. I just went back and skimmed my posts from early in Quarantine, and Wowee Wow Wow. […]