It was a dark and stormy afternoon…

So its Monsoon Season in the Capital Region today, and I’ve got coffee stains all over one of my favorite white shirts…and disgusted though I am with this I still find myself craving yet another tall cup of coffee.

I’m honestly not sure if there is enough coffee in the world to perk me up today–because it is so very rainy and there’s something about rainy days like this that bore me to tears, and yet make me wildly restless at the same time.

And so my new blog is born.

I suppose I got a little bit of this blogging bug after keeping up my Wedding Blog for several months with relative success (I generally measure success in quality rather than quantity, as evidenced by the fact that I only got around to updating that blog about once a month.) I have a goal in mind to try to crank out future posts with a little more consistent frequency. But I make no promises.

I don’t have a hard and fast reason or purpose this time around, other than that I think it would be a fun and interesting exercise, and I get so few opportunities these days to be creative and spin my literary skills the way I sometimes did in my school days. What this means for you, my readers, is that you could be subjected to anything from A) a heated rant on how Babylon 5 sucks so thoroughly in comparison to Deep Space Nine to B) an exposé of what I cooked for dinner last night to C) a traumatic outpouring of my deep-seated fear that one day I will accidentally leave the apartment and arrive at work not wearing any pants. You just don’t know.

Until we meet again,

That’s all folks.

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