One Year Later

I realize I’ve been silent for longer than usual (my rage has subsided from earlier in January and I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep since my last Data Dump) so I decided I’m long overdue to share some updates. I just went back and skimmed my posts from early in Quarantine, and Wowee Wow Wow. […]

Why I write…and why I don’t

My extended absence from posting regularly has created a strange and urgent compulsion to explain myself regarding my recent neglect. I’m chalking it up to a deeply-ingrained sense of failure from childhood that I’m not living up to some ridiculously high standards I imposed on myself. Or something to that effect. I write because I […]

The Art of Feeling Gratitude

This is a topic I’ve spent a lot of energy thinking about in recent times.  What started it all was a rather stressful year (planning a wedding while starting a new job = complexity! stress! %$&@!) and the realization a while into it that my tendency to stress was actually beginning to take a very physical […]