We’re not in Kansas anymore

It has been a busy few weeks. Tornadoes and hurricanes and politics, oh my!  Seriously, though—if a plague of locusts show up, I won’t be terribly surprised.

And for whoever had “fire-tornadoes” on their August 2020 Bingo card, Jackpot: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-08-16/massive-wildfire-spawns-fire-tornadoes-northern-california#

In yet another flagrant attempt to rig an election in his favor (which should surprise absolutely no one), the Cheeto-in-Chief has been openly trying to interfere with the Post Office to impede their ability to process all the mail-in ballots they are going to receive this year from COVID dissuading people from showing up to the polls in-person. So now we can tack on to my pre-existing anxieties the fear of Election-day debacles, delays in counting, and our egomaniacal dictator pronouncing his victory before all the votes have been counted. Or worse—that he conceivably stands a chance at legitimately winning again and we have another 4 years of this. Our country can’t take another 4 years of this. And we can’t even flee to Canada like I’ve been joking about for the last 4 years because COVID has shut down the borders. United States citizens are personae non gratae pretty much everywhere in the world right now thanks to our inability to control spread of this virus.

It’s a shame. The St. Lawrence Seaway really is quite lovely….

Ay caramba.

While I am not overly excited that Joe Biden is the presidential nominee for the Democrats, I am excited for Kamala Harris as VP on the ticket. I had liked her a lot during the primaries, and I was holding out hope we’d see her again before too long after she officially ended her campaign. Thankfully, its sooner rather than later. I’m very much looking forward to watching her eviscerate Mike Pence in the October debate. I will be watching eagerly, with a bottle of Stoli and a bucket of popcorn beside me as she guts him and leaves him to bleed out onstage.

Speaking of television-watching, I still have not watched any more of the Muppets’ new series, so they remain in Muppet purgatory. I FINALLY watched Hamilton, and I loved it. It was very well-done. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius. I also watched You Should have Left, Kevin Bacon’s new horror movie that came out this year. Also fun (not genius—whoever wrote this story seems to have leaned heavily on Dr. Who). I’ll leave it at that in the interest of avoiding spoilers.

Or, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Horror House.

It’s good to know that with all the turmoil and institutional upheaval in the world right now, that Kevin Bacon remains a constant.

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