Quarantine: Weeks 5-9

Day 64: I’m going slightly mad…

About a month into Quarantine, sanity slowly started to erode as extreme boredom set in. I started to run out of home projects to work on, as well as the motivation to do anything but sit on the couch and consume a steady stream of musicals and sci-fi. Les Miserables deserves honorable mention here; we have been revisiting the music often. It is equal parts epic and depressing, and if our lives right now were a musical, “One Day More” might be the chorus. Linear time as we know it has completely ceased to exist, and I am stuck in an endless loop of Groundhog Day-esque hijinks for much of weeks 5-7.

At the start of May, I was asked to assist with Department of Health COVID-19 activities pertaining to NYS’s antibody testing rollout. So I’ve been doing some work-from-home activities related to this, which have largely dominated my time for weeks 8 and 9 as I try to readjust to being on some kind of daily schedule with measured productivity.

The Governor announced that the Capital Region is ready for Phase 1 of reopening, bringing with it much anticipation and apprehension from all of us as we wait to hear word on when we will finally go back to the office and whether there will be a spike in new cases once we all do.

  • Day 37

    Our newest case of wine was delivered. Despite the fact that there are 12 bottles, I assure you, with the rate we have been imbibing lately—this will NOT last long.

  • Day 41

    Wherein the family dons babushkas, and cooks the traditional Polish stir-fry for dinner

  • Day 48

    Try to watch National Theater at Home’s stage production of Frankenstein and be cultured and fail miserably. The sucktitude level was exceedingly high. Like, Star Wars Christmas Special high.

  • Days 49-50

    The weather was finally nice enough to get outside for a walk, which we took on RPI’s campus.

  • Day 54

    Another beautiful day. Completely abandon work by late afternoon and commence grilling/beers on the porch.

  • Day 57

    Seriously consider signing up for a Masterclass

  • Day 63

    Fantine is all of us 5 months into 2020:

  • Day 64

    I log off my late shift for work at midnight, toss and turn all night, get up at 6am and have a bowl of spaghetti for breakfast, then go back to bed. I’m not just in a different time zone, I’m in a different dimension.

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