The week in review: 2/2/20-2/8/20

We live in exciting times…

The past 7 days have seen another scandalous Superbowl Halftime Show, the Great Iowa Caucus Counting Debacle of 2020, a prediction for an early Spring by the world’s favorite weather-casting rodent, and a SOTU address by the world’s least favorite rodent.   

Here’s the highlight reel:

  • SUNDAY MORNING – Groundhog Day

  • SUNDAY NIGHT – Superbowl

    The moment when every girl in the audience looked up from her plate of half-eaten mozz sticks and regretted her poor life choices
  • MONDAY – Iowa Caucus

    Let the games begin

  • WEDNESDAY – Still Counting…

    One, one-thousand. Two, one-thousand, three…
  • THURSDAY – We have a winner!

    Well THAT was unexpected!
    Looks like someone’s Yee’d his last Haw

And somewhere in there, Cheeto in Chief got acquitted, although that comes as a surprise to absolutely no one. Still, after all that excitement, I feel like we could all use a cigarette.

Until next time,

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