On nothing.

What a dismal week this had been. Impotent, pointless, and inconsequential. But its done now. That’s the silver lining. And now I have a whole weekend ahead of me with no one but myself to answer to. I may “Enjoy Troy,” wine and dine myself, do something productive around the apartment. The world is my oyster.

Its been a very quiet few months this winter, which is admittedly exactly what I had wanted by the end of last year. I’ve felt several times over these last few weeks in particular that I’ve been an incredibly boring companion; every time I sit down to a meal with someone, I have found myself dredging my mind to come up with something clever, witty, interesting–anything–and coming up nothing. I have had no profound revelations, wild dance parties, workplace drama, or major life developments apart from my 30th birthday approximately 3 weeks ago…Although I must say, that was a pretty epic weekend 😉

Its not that times have been bad lately. By and large, things have been fine. I just have nothing new to say, or to report. Unless you count the novelty and relief I experience every day that I wake up and its above freezing outside. Days in the 40ish degree range feel positively balmy.

That’s winter for you, I guess. Soon there will be allergy/monsoon season, then Summer.

But for now, I plan to crawl back into my cave, curl up under a warm blanket and become one with the couch, and the nothingness.

Sweet dreams, folks.

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